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E: The RP Rules

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E: The RP Rules Empty E: The RP Rules

Post  Lively on Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:21 pm

The RP Rules
These are our official RP rules of the pack, please follow them when RPing with others. Otherwise you may get a warning.

1. NO swearing, post least 5 words and post realistic content, and when leaving the territory please post where you are going before you go.

EXAMPLE: Lively gets up and trots to The Sacred Grove.

2. It's not permitted to use ANY inappropriate language or insults when roleplaying. Your wolves can fight or discuss but you should be friends again in a period of 3 days
(in real life).

3.You can be creative with your wolf, but without wings, powers, magic or anything, the fantasy is not allowed.
When a member dies, no one can do anything. The member should rejoin and restart with other wolf, you may only join the pack three times.

4. You may have a mate and pups in roleplay. BUT, they have to be a real members and persons, if you have someone to RP as them, and you, the person who wants to be your pup, and Alphas are ok with it they may stay as a true member

5. Being invincible is not permitted. That is, any character may be defeated, but not killed unless there is a prior agreement between the parties to discuss the fact. You must talk to an Alpha about killing your wolf as that is not permitted without an Alpha's OK. Your wolves need to have strengths and weaknesses.

Last but not least:

6. Before you become an official Whispering Forest Wolf, must do a ceremony at Secret Waterfall (Normally it's locked but, during ceremonies it is unlocked until the ceremony is over)

I hope you enjoy RPing with us, enjoy! ^^

Alpha Female

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