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C: Rules of Conduct

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C: Rules of Conduct Empty C: Rules of Conduct

Post  Lively on Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:54 am

Rules of Conduct

• No Flaming/Flamebaiting
• No Impersonating staff
• No Advertising
• No Explicit Sexual Content
• Respect The Ownership of Others
• No use of exploits
• Limit yourself to one accoun
• No multi-posting
• No spam
• No off-site clickables
• No Rainbow/Gradient font

• Flaming/Flame-baiting

Abuse will not be tolerated on this pack. Therefore, directing a racial or verbally abusive attack at another user, or deliberately posting in order to provoke other users is prohibited. Continuing to post in a thread when you have been asked to leave by the thread owner, or continuing to contact someone after you have been asked to stop is considered harassment and will result in a punishment.

• Advertising

Posting links or web addresses for other websites or products in the manner of gaining members or employees, or asking/encouraging users to participate in Multi-level marketing or religious organization is not permitted and will be punishable. Please don't post or link as well as use automatic clicking sites.

• Impersonating Staff

Acting Like, Posting as, or pretending to be staff is strictly prohibited. This pack staff all have colored names. Administrators, who take care of site updates, have their names colored in green. If you see anyone who is claiming to be staff and their name is not colored, please report it to an admin. No real staff member will ever ask you for your password. If anyone is asking for your password, please report them to a moderator/admin immediately.

• No Explicit Sexual Content

This is the banning of depictions or references to the reproductive organs; Cybering; or other sexual acts. Role Playing may be somewhat seductive in nature, but all content should be age appropriate. If it is not something you would do in front of your grandparents, then it’s probably not allowed.

• Respect the Ownership of Others

Do not claim to something you did not make entirely as your own. If you use parts of someone else’s work give them credit, and make sure they know. This also applies for off-site sources.

• No use of exploits

Taking advantage of site glitches or loopholes in the codes, so-called exploiting, is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, anything that changes how the site works or allows you to exceed limits. Using an exploit will at least mean a warning but can result in a ban depending on the severity of the exploit.

• Multiple Accounts

On this pack you are only allowed to have one account. Period. This is a banning offense for all involved accounts!

• No Multi-Posting

Please edit your post instead of posting again. If your topic died, it died for a reason. If the site is lagging, only hit submit once. You can open a new window to see if you post went through.

• No Spam

Spam includes posts with nothing except the word "bump", but is not limited to it (i.e. posting only smilies). Least 5 words, thanks!

• No Off-site Clickables

It is forbidden to put clickables from other sites in your post, even in the click threads. You may still have them in your signature!

• No Rainbow or Gradient Font in Posts

Turning text rainbow-colored (eg. posting like this.) is forbidden, being a form of spamming for gold.

Thank you! ~Lively
Alpha Female

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