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Suggested List

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Suggested List

Post  Lively on Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:29 am

Suggested List

Please note: this is NOT a forum for debating whether a suggestion should be implemented or not. This is solely for tracking the official word on suggestions that have already been made!

If you don't see your idea under one heading, please do check the others before making the suggestion.

Accepted- means it is in the works, but we don't know when it will happen
Denied- means No, stop asking
Pending- means we haven't heard a yay or nay on it.
Done- means it's been implemented

• Users can delete their own threads or posts- Denied
• Spam Section-Denied
• Chatbox- Accepted
• Make wfp go SUPER FAST and NEVER lag and NEVER have any errors!-ha, you're funny[/color]
• Allow to view more posts per topic- Accepted
• Stop spam in click threads- Denied
• Have Thane tell newbies where to find the Rules, FAQ, Beginner's Guide and Introductions forums-done!
• A page with total site stats including the stuff currently listed, plus more- such as a break down of how many pets of each species there are- pending
• Change font in post- Denied

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