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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Empty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Post  Lively on Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:17 am

Welcome to Whispering Forest Pack's Official
Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents:
•The basics

• The basics

*What is a Pack?*
A Pack is the family of the wolves or other animals that hunt in a group. The goal is to be more good person, learn to live with other wolves and have fun!

*How do I get my first pack??*
The first pack is the most important pack, because the first pack is your first and authentic wolf family. You can find it or it can find you, but this no matter, what really matters is that you have be faithful and proud to be there. You can find a lot of packs in WQ.. if the pack is nice, you can post the form and join there!

*What is Gold Clover and how do I get it?*
Gold Clover is the currency on the site. It is used to win a higer ranks and for know your heart value.
You can get Gold Clover helping the alphas or the newbies. You can receive up to 50 Gold clover if you work hard, are active, help the alphas or the members.. Obtain a Gold Clover is most difficult than a Silver Clover. The amount of gold per post depends on the length of the post and decreases with the number of posts you make until you refrain from posting for a while.

*What is Silver Clover and how do I get it?*
Silver Clover is a gift to those who are very active and if you RPinf a lot, depending on the length of it (but don't go spamming!)

• Families

*What are families?*
Families are lineages of wolves that are very similar and share the same blood. They are all offspring of one progenitor pair. A family can be given a crest and description by the creator.

*How do I create a family?*
In this pack the family is allowed. Create a family in RP isn't easy.. because everybody have to be agree.
To create a family in RP, first you need a pair of creatures able to breed with each other as progenitors (is not allowed the mating scenes). If you want to be the father/mother you have to choose the partner and both have to be agree, if you want to be the daughter/son you have to choose your parents and you must be similar to them. If you want to be a sister/brother also you have to choose your sibling, if he/she is agree you can start inventing your history in common!
Also note that creating a family is irreversible. Once it is created, it cannot be undone (well.. you can do some exception..)
ALWAYS you must have the permission of the Alphas and both have to be agree!

*What special rules apply to families?*
The progenitor pair of a family will only be able to breed with each other, not with any other animal. Except for the progenitor pair, creatures with the same blood are not able to breed with each other. Any offspring from a pairing that includes a creature with the family blood will automatically be part of the family and have the family blood added to it.

*Can I remove a creature from my family?*
Principally once a creature is part of a family, it cannot be removed. We want to be a realistic pack, so.. if you want remove someone from your family you will have to "kill" the character or (in RP) the character left.

• Miscellaneous

*What do all those differently colored usernames mean?*
Each member have a rank and each rank have a differently colored usernames. Alphas are admins, responsible for the running of the site. Betas are moderators who keep the peace on the forum. They are aided by forum moderators, who are responsible for only certain parts of the forums. The other Green names are lowers ranks and you can find information about them HERE.

*I found someone breaking the rules! What do I do?*
If it is a post, report it by using the report button. It can be found in the upper right corner of every post. You can also PM a moderator or an Alpha. Don't worry, he/she will not know who reported he/she.

*What do I do when I found a glitch?*
Either post it in the thread about site errors, or send to somebody a PM. (alphas, mods, members..)

*What do I do when I found a glitch?*
Try to clear your cache. This thread will tell you how.

*My question wasn't answered by this thread. Where do I go?*
You can post your question in the Support and Suggestions forum or ask for help by PM.

Long post.. thanks!
Alpha Female

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