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Little bit of info. on Fuego Azul

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Little bit of info. on Fuego Azul

Post  Fuego Azul on Sat May 07, 2011 11:34 pm

Name of your wolf: Fuego Azul

Age: 1 yr.

Rank: Healer

Gender: Female

Fur color: White underbelly, Tan back, and a darker tan line running across the back

Markings/Scars: White muzzle, brown ears, and a scar on the shoulder

Eye color:An Auburn color

Personality: Friendly and a little protective, a strong affection for plants, and wants to save anyone who is in trouble

History: Fuego is foreign, she got her name, which means blue fire, when her parents were killed by a fire, she dropped her old name Lila, Lilac, took her mother's name Azul and added Fuego, which created Fuego Azul. She had always a fascination for herbs, her parents had great knowledge and they passed on their knowledge to her. She wondered the forests after her parents died, until she found the Whispering Forest Pack. Her scar happened from when she was traveling, she fell into a bush and a sharp thorn cut her deeply, without proper care it left a long scar across her shoulder, luckily it didn't get infected.

Family: Mother - Azul, Father - Bosque, No siblings

Images about your life, etc..

Fuego as a pup

Fuego at 11 months old (Idea from Roary)
Fuego Azul
Fuego Azul

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