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G: Alpha's trust

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G: Alpha's trust  Empty G: Alpha's trust

Post  Lively on Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:14 am

Alpha's trust

In our pack we have Alpha's trust. All members and Allies can earn them by being kind to our pack. But you can lose them too. Below are ways you can earn Alpha's trust, and below that our ways to lose Alpha's trust..
If you have sufficient trusts, maybe you can move up of rank or incuse will become of forum mods. It's easy have one, because you only have to do some things and be loyal to your pack:

To earn Alpha's Trust

-Follow Rules.
-Help out Alphas'.
-Win contests.
-Report ones who don't follow rules.
-Be active.
-Don't have any warning.
-Don't lieing

To lose Alpha's Trust

-Not following rules
-Fighting with other members/ally members

There aren't many ways to lose alpha's trust, just follow the rules so you can earn Alpha's Trust. Thank you for reading.

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