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Post  Birch on Wed May 25, 2011 5:50 pm

Name of your wolf: Birch

Age: 3 years and 7 months

Rank: Nanny

Gender: Female

Fur color: Light Creamy Tan, Light Caramel around neck, down chest,two socks on front left foot and back right foot and ring around base of tail, Black toes on all feet And short dark caramel blaze on nose

Markings/Scars: Blind in left eye, four scars on left eye, reddish brown nose

Eye color: Dark Amber

Personality: Very friendly towards everyone. Can be a little ditzy at times. Has a strong affection for nature and other animals. Very intouch with mother earth. Several weird things about her- She loves dogwood and oak trees. Likes to eat dogwood flowers for some odd reason (they taste good) and she refuses to eat baby deer (something about it makes her upset) but will eat anything otherwise

History:Grew up in a very large pack. Set out to look for her own when she was 2 years old. Found one pack that accepted her until one day when she was taking care of the pack pups alone. an ambush happened and while she was fighting off the attackers some of them snuck around and killed some of the pups. When the others found her she was badly wounded but curled around the puppies. The Alpha Female was furious even though she tried to explain.She was alone and she couldn't hold them off by herself even if she tried in vain. She was run out leaving with battle scars that have since healed, a will power leading her to be the most protectful of pups but she can still find humor and playfulness in her soul and the queens rage forever on her left eye leaving her incapable of sight in that eye. Finally found another pack and is hoping to stick with them

Family: None

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