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The Life of Kyan

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The Life of Kyan Empty The Life of Kyan

Post  Kyan on Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:48 am

Kyan the Healer

Name: Kyan

Rank: Healer

Gender: Fae

Personality: Kyan has a mixed personality. She is very social, however she snaps quite easily. She isn't that shy, and doesn't take insults lightly. However she is nice and mostly fun, wanting to have as much adventure as she can.

History: Kyan had loving parents, and she loved them so as well. Her father was a hunter in her pack, and her mother a healer. She was always fascinated with her mom's healing, finding it wonderful how a wolf can save lives. Other pups despised the rank, though. They thought it was truly a simple rank to put wolves who don't know what to do yet there. Kyan never really had many friends at a young age, for she was more interested in being around mature wolves. She was always up for play fights, though.
When Kyan was 4 months old, one day went horribly wrong. She was lounging around outside her parent's den, when poachers came. They came with guns, and began shooting the wolves. She dodged every bullet that dashed by her... yet her parents did not. Her mother got hit in the leg several times, one time in the tail. Her father was not so lucky. He got shot in the chest and head. He died as soon as the bullet entered his skull. Kyan's mother took her by her scruff, as other wolves did the same with the young. She took her over to an abandoned fox den, and rested her there. "Stay here." She rasped, as she limped out of the den.
The next day, her mother didn't come back. She went out of the fox den, and saw at her past camp, nothing but blood and fur. The bodies were all taken away. She looked around for survivors. Luckily, her brother had survived. Her sister was no where to be seen. She ran to her brother and helped him up, as he had a bullet lodged in his paw.
Kyan had used the skills from what she saw her mother do, and began to dug the bullet out. She successfully healed her brother.
She and her brother lived together for a long time. They basically were a two-wolf-pack. They found dens and a territory, and set up a life together. One day, however, saddened Kyan, and scarred her emotionally.
They were yearlings now, and taught each other how to hunt. They tracked down an elk herd, as they thought they were old enough to hunt the bull of the herd. They stalked forward, as they began loping. Finally, running. They scared off the cow elk, and followed the bull. Her brother, Minko, nodded to her, then swerved to the right. He reappeared right in front of the bull, but on the right side. He swerved over, and snarled, snapping at the bull. Sadly, the bull was far from stopping. The bull lowered his head, showing sharp antlers, as they ran into Minko's side. There was a yelp and blood. Then, the bull ran over him.
Kyan ran over to him, and saw four deep holes in his side. They leaked with blood, as his bones were shattered. She grieved over his body.
After a proper burial, Kyan looked for a pack. Eventually, she landed in the territory of the Whispering Forest Pack.

Appearance: Thin and lengthy, however her legs are quite bony. Her muzzle is a bit narrow, but, she looks like a normal wolf.

Coat Color: A dusty brown color, with some tints of red.

Markings: Light face, almost white, and light legs. She has a faint black dorsal stripe, that slowly fades into her red-brown fur.

Eye Colour: Warm, chocolate brown.

Allies: None so far.

Acquaintances: None so far.

Foes: None, hoping to keep it that way.


Kora, mother, unknown, assumed dead from gun shots. Pic: The Life of Kyan Wolf

Naih, father, died of bullet wounds. Pic: The Life of Kyan Fwswolf.gary.kramer

Sheila, sister, unknown, assumed dead from bullet wounds. Pic: The Life of Kyan 85621DenWolfScreenshot

Minko, brother, died from a hunting accident. Pic: The Life of Kyan Wild-wolf

Crush: Nope

Mate: Nada

Pups: Nu-uh.

Reference: The Life of Kyan Wolf1

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The Life of Kyan Empty great history!

Post  Goodluck on Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:34 am

You wrote the great history, i like it Very Happy fingers


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